The Meaning of Red Velvet Roses

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A rose by any other name is still a rose. But perhaps not, for each variety of rose has its own fragrance and meaning. Still, these timeless words from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet convey very eloquently the depth of meaning ascribed to the red velvet rose. The classic, yet tragic love between Romeo and Juliet in the face of the feud between their families caused them to take drastic (and dramatic) steps in their desire to be together. But not all love expressed by roses is destined for tragedy. Indeed, red roses are usually more expressive of deep, enduring and successful love.

I love the deep red velvet roses for their appearance and wonderful fragrance, the Hybrid Tea Rose Mr. Lincoln is my favorite of all the roses. Named for the first President of the United States, and no doubt bred in his honor, these roses show an enduring love and respect for him. The Chrysler Imperial, Amalia and Eternity are also great favorites.

Red Velvet Roses

Red velvet roses are among the most fragrant of all roses, and the depth of their scent aligns with the deep emotions they represent. They convey love, passion, and desire. They are the perfect gift for when you want to say, love you’, and are often used as a Valentine’s Day gift. Red velvet rose bouquet at a wedding symbolizes wedded happiness and bliss. A powerful and wonderful promise to start your married life together. And a bouquet of 12 red velvet roses for a wedding anniversary is a meaningful way to express enduring and still passionate nature of that love.

Although a ruby wedding anniversary is not necessarily celebrated with red velvet roses, they would be an eloquent expression of enduring love, perhaps accompanied by other gifts suited to the occasion. A bouquet of 12 red roses is a beautiful and fragrant way to say, love you’.

Red velvet roses also symbolize other positive emotions such as admiration, devotion, and respect. Whatever emotion a red rose or a red rose bouquet is expressing, it conveys a great depth of that emotion.

Meaning of Red Velvet Roses

There are many times when a gift of roses is appropriate. A gift of velvet roses is perfect when you:

  1. Want to let someone know you admire and respect them (perhaps just one or two)
  2. Want to tell someone you love them (a bouquet of 12)
  3. Want to tell a loved one that your love is as enduring and passionate as ever (a bouquet of at least 12, perhaps 24 or more)
  4. Want to express your ongoing devotion after many years of marriage – a ruby anniversary is celebrated after 40 years of marriage, so perhaps 40 roses?
  5. To express your admiration and respect.

No matter what the occasion for presenting red roses, they are sure to be received with thanks and cherished for the sentiments they express, and the fragrance they bring. Which will linger, like the love and admiration, for many days. And they make a perfect and beautiful wedding bouquet.