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Spring is here, accented by beautiful flowers do more than brighten and perfume our homes; many have fascinating histories and are symbols with special meanings. you can enjoy your blossoms, even more, when you know their histories and their secret language.

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Pansies are often the first flowers of the spring; In fact, in some climates, they blossom through the winter. They come in many different colors, such as gold, maroon, purple and even black, and many varieties come in several colors. the name pansy comes from the French word for thought, pensee, and so this flower means thought or remembrance. when friends send you cards with pansies on them means that they are thinking of you.

Pansy rose meaning

Daffodil or Narcissus

One meaning of the daffodil is chivalry, but the daffodil is also more formally known as narcissus, named for a Greek myth. Narcissus was a young man who was so beautiful that he starved to death because he was so enchanted by looking at his image in a pool of water. After he died, according to the story, a glorious flower grew in his place. The word narcissist means someone who thinks too much about himself. Daffodils are a traditional symbol of spring, but if you give them to someone, give a bunch. To give someone a single bloom is to wish them ill.

Daffodil roses


Crosus are cheerful little flowers associated with spring but some varieties bloom in other seasons, especially autumn. They grow from bulbs, like many other spring flowers. Perhaps this is why they mean foresight, as gardeners have to plant then well before they bloom. Crocus has been cultivated for millennia, especially one species that is the source of saffron. The stamen of the flowers are used to dye cloth and to flavor foods. Evidence of the use of saffron has been discovered on ancient wall-paintings excavated on the island of Crete and Santorini.

Crosus rose meanings


Hyacinth is associated with sincerity, and there is no mistaking their sincere scent. These extremely fragrant flowers are some of the earliest to bloom in the spring. They come in several different colors, with pink, white and purple being the most common. The name comes from a lad accidentally killed by the god Apollo, who atoned for his mistake by naming a flower after the dead youth. They were later cultivated by the Dutch who were so good with bulbs. Note that hyacinth bulbs are poisonous, so take care when handling and do not eat!

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Hyacinth roses


The iris, which usually appears when spring is well on its way, is the symbol of inspiration. This flower meaning takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow, which was also the name of the goddess of the rainbow. Irises come in many colors, with purples and yellows being most common. The tall stalks make a lovely, elegant bouquet, and inspire everyone with their beauty.


Lilac flowers grow on plants that can be considered bushes or trees, depending on size. The flowers come in lilac and white and have a strong scent. They are associated with first love, which is appropriate as they are part of the refreshing nature of spring. Lilacs are part of the olive family.


Violets are usually deep purple, although they can also be white, yellow and pale purple. They grow wild in many places in springtime. They are a symbol of faithfulness.


The tulip is one of the most popular flowers of spring. The meaning of the tulip depends on the color. Pink means caring: purple is a symbol of royalty; red tulips are a declaration of love; yellow tulips symbolize being hopelessly in love, and white tulips are an emblem of forgiveness. In 1637 they caused the great “Tulipmania” in the Netherlands, a tulip bulb bubble in which the price of bulbs rose to enormous heights and then fell in a market collapse.

Spring flowers can simply be enjoyed for their bright beauty, but understanding their history and their symbolism can give you a reason to appreciate them more.