The Significance of Cream Colored Flowers

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Cream colored flowers signify sincerity and affection. Unlike other brightly colored flowers, these flowers are subtle and are not demanding of attention. But that does not mean these flowers are not attractive. It’s just that they appeal to our senses in a different way that communicates beauty and serenity.

Cream colored flowers can be used in floral arrangements in combination with other colored flowers, to convey a variety of meanings like Orange Flower Meanings. For example, including them with a red rose in a bouquet can convey a message filled with both love and purity to the recipient. Purity was a very strong quality associated with flowers of this specific shade, and this association has been around since Victorian times. Known as the color of the Virgin Mary, cream is not seen as a color of purity, but also hygiene and faith. Cream colored flowers, therefore, have reserved a place for themselves in religious worship, to symbolize our belief in God.

Significance of Cream Colored Flowers

The significance of cream colored flowers are not only seen in places of religious worship but also commonly noticed at weddings and funerals. In the Western Hemisphere, weddings are often decorated by splendid arrangements of these light-colored flowers, although it will be disastrous if one brings such flowers to a wedding in Asian societies. This is because, in the East, cream or white flowers are usually used at funerals for very specific symbolic reasons. Cream colored flowers such as Larkspurs signify grief and love, while Chrysanthemums convey honesty and compassion. Cream colored lotus also carries a message of rebirth and eternal life, especially for the Buddhists in Eastern communities.

Cream Colored Rose Meaning

This correlation of cream-colored flowers with death is not limited to these flowers. The cream-colored Oleander may not be used to symbolize death but can cause death by its poisonous leaves and flowers, although it is commonly used for beautifying landscapes and gardens. The cream-colored White Mountain laurels, which looks a lot like magnolias, is the flower that supposedly cost Socrates his life with the deceptive looking honey that is actually sufficiently toxic to kill a person.

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