Red Rose – What is 12 Red Roses Meaning?

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12 red roses meaning is definitely going to tell the person about certain feeling. Well, in general speaking, red rose stands for love, emotions, and desire. It also shows the devotion or admiration about someone. It can be representing sorrow when the color is deep red. But 12 red roses will show specific emotion.

Understanding 12 dozen red roses meaning

When we are talking about red rose, there will be a certain message that wants to be shown by the sender. But when it comes to number of the roses then it will be more specific. Still, it is still related to the warmth and love in overall. Joyous and bravery can also be shown by giving a person some red flowers. When you buy a bouquet of flower in a florist, they will ask you about the message you want to show to the person that will receive the flowers.

12 Red Roses Meaning

Meaning of red flower from the number of it

So, you may be want to know about 12 long stem red roses meaning, especially after your loved one gave you 12 roses.

A single rose will tell the person about love at the first sight. Later, you can say “you are the one” by giving a single rose. Two roses will show the mutual affection and love for sure. Three roses tell you about a gift for three-month anniversary as well as saying “I love you”. When a person gave you six roses then they tell you that they want to be yours or simply an infatuation. Nine roses show a more intense feeling than six. We are talking about forever.

When 10 roses describe the perfection of the receiver, symbolic meaning of 12 red roses is like a chocolate box that says “I love you and be mine”. Each number of rose definitely shows different meaning and you need to pay attention to it of you will miss what your love one wanted to say to you.

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History of red roses

Besides talking about meaning behind 12 red roses, we are also going to talk about the history of the rose.

Roman and Greek were the first that made rose as symbolic meaning. It was so related to Venus or Aphrodite that was the love goddess. When the modern days came, early Christian associated the red roses to Virgin Mary’s virtue.

And when Shakespeare began his writing, red roses were already the standard of poetic. Through the time, red rose is still describing the affection and passion on love. When it comes to meaning of 12 red roses, the affection of love is also instantly greater. When you want to show the deepest affection for the special one then you can try red rose.

In nowadays, red roses become the favorite for the Valentine’s Day, since the day is specifically about love. Again, the color of red rose and also the number of it is the combination of ultimate romantic expression along with greater love. So, this is about 12 red roses meaning.