The Meaning of Frangipani Flower in some Religions and Cultures

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Most people agree that flowers represent love and affection whether for friends, family or partners. That is what most people would also agree about the Frangipani flower. Frangipani flower has another name which is Plumeria flower.

This tropical delicate flower is native to tropical or subtropical climates and generally found in Southern Asia, Southern and Central America. Plumeria is the national flower of Laos and Nicaragua. It shows that this flower has more meaning than its beauty.

Frangipani Flower

Frangipani flower meaning is really important in some places and religions. Plumeria flower has more than 200 varieties and the most common one is Plumeria Alba. This flower is really attractive with various colours like yellow, pink, white, cream and red. Don’t mist its powerful fragrance that will get stronger during the nighttime.

Frangipani Flower Religious and Cultural Meaning

Frangipani flower is one of the most pleasant and sweetest flowers because it has lots of meanings for some religions. Even more, this flower becomes an identical flower in some places.

Frangipani Flower Religious meaning in bali

  1. Balinese and Hinduist

Most of the population in Bali is indeed Hinduist and it is common for them to use the Frangipani flower during their ceremony. However, this flower is an icon in Bali because you can find the Frangipani flowers on every corner road in Bali. Not only using it as a means of communication with Gods during the ceremony, but they also mean it in everyday life.

Plumeria meaning has two important roles which symbolize Lord Shiva for the first role. Hinduists usually tip the flower on the palm when they are worshipping. Besides, they will also tuck the flower on their ear or in their hair. The second role is that Frangipani flower meaning as one of the most properties to fulfil offering for the Holy Spirit of the ancestors or God.

Frangipani Flower Religious

Moreover, the white petals and yellow tinge of Plumeria flower would be the most common Plumeria in Bali as they believe that those colours symbolize something. The white colour represents a symbol of Sang Hyang Widi as Iswara, the ancestor, who radiates white light.

Besides, the yellow colour represents Sang Hyang Widi as Mahadeva that emits yellow light.

  1. Buddhism

The biological characteristic of the Plumeria flower brings a different perspective for Buddhists. They believe that the Frangipani flower meaning is related to immortality. It comes from the idea that the Frangipani flower could be planted even without its root.

You can just use its steam to plant the Frangipani flower and it will just grow.

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  1. Hawaiian Culture

Another place that has a strong connection with the Frangipani flower is Hawaii. In Hawaiian culture, they usually use the Plumeria flowers on some important occasions. Hawaiian Frangipani meaning is a symbol of positivity.

Frangipani Flower in hawaii culture

It also shows someone’s marital status. When a woman wears the flower in the right era, it means that she is not married yet. On the other hand, it is on the left ear meaning that she is already married. Hawaiians also like to use delicate Frangipani flowers to make a Polynesian garland of the flower.