Black Baccara Rose Meaning & What You Must Know

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Baccara Rose Meaning

Meilland International, France’s first importer of black baccara roses in 2000. This rose variety is not natural but is created by Hybridization, where two different varieties of roses are crossed to create a completely new variety.

The Black Baccara rose is not black but deep red. It has dark velvety petals and black edges. The Black Baccara rose, like all black roses, has contradictory meanings. Its symbolism lies in the eyes of the person who sees it.

Baccara Rose

Black Baccara Rose, like all beautiful flowers, is a hybrid tea-rose with a stunning black velvety appearance. It can be grown in containers or along borders as a cut flower.

What is the Meaning of Black Baccara Roses?

Each unique thing has a story to tell. Its attributes are reflected in the dark red hybrid baccara rose with velvety leaves.


Hope and optimism

The Black Baccara rose symbolizes hope, optimism, and the expectation that one day a true black rose will be a reality.

Farewell and Death

Floriography was embraced by the Victorians as a language for flowers. Black roses were used to signify death, farewell, or obsession in the language of flowers.

black baccara roses

Mystery and Magic

Black has always been a unnatural color for flowers, and this is why it retains a sense of mystery and magic throughout history.

Love and Passion

Roses are a symbol of love.

Meaning of Black Baccara Roses

The Black Baccara is used in bridal bouquets, particularly for winter weddings. It conveys the meaning of deep love and romance.

This fascinating rose is a sign of your love for black roses when it’s planted in your garden. These flowers are also great for winter weddings.

Vampires and Villains

Fictional characters can sometimes be given literary license by the authors of fiction. For example, Nancy Collins’ “A Dozen Black Roses” reveals that some vampires and villains have a love for black roses.

Black Baccara Rose

Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose is a member of the ‘Rosa Black Baccara. It is also known as Black Rose Bush or Black Rose Bush.

Baccara black rose, a perennial shrub that produces high-quality luxurious blooms, will bring pride to your garden with its stunning blooms all summer.

The ‘Hybrid Tea” variety is elegant all summer, from June to October.

All of the captivating blooms are supported by a strong, sturdy stem that can reach 95 cm and display large, glossy, deciduous, 5-6-oval leaves.

A thorny stem doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful. A rose with ten million thorns is worth more than a daisy with one.

The deep reddish to blackish baccara flowers can grow up to 5 feet tall and produce 3-4 inches of solitary, well-centered blooms.

Although it is not a fragrant or mild flower, its compact size makes it very attractive. It has 40-45 petals with a velvety appearance that will give your garden and patio a full bloom.

The most suitable zones for the glamourous blooms are those in warmer USDA 7b areas. They can be used in cut flower blossoming for up to 2 weeks without fading in vase.

Black Baccara Rose Problems

You must be alert when you plant any fruiting or flowering tree, shrub, or tree. This captivating rose is a reminder to keep you alert when you plant it in your garden.

Bouquet of Black Baccara Roses

Black Baccara Rose can also be susceptible to pests and diseases that should be closely monitored.

Black rose is a target for some insects and pets.

  • Leafhoppers
  • Aphid
  • Red spider mites
  • Caterpillar

You can control these pests by simply watching your leaves, regardless of whether they are ill. The symbol of insect attack is also represented by the eggs of insects.

For effective control of pests, use insecticides and other pesticides.