Hidden Secrets behind Single Red Rose Meaning

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Single red rose meaning might be different with roses in other colour meaning. As the most popular flowers, it has but rich and romantic feel that other flowers do not have. Love and affection are two emotions which closely linked to roses. Even single rose has different types of meaning.

Different meanings of single red rose

Single Red Rose Meaning

Expressing feeling with flowers becomes popular nonverbal language which is practiced by many people these days. It seems everyone ever use this method to express his or her feeling toward other. This method is also occasionally used among two lovers to communicate each other. The red rose itself apparently becomes the most meaningful colours among other roses. A single red rose flower nowadays to convey love message. Single rose with red colour is renowned to be the most romantic and gorgeous. Since Roman times, red roses are used as gifts which were given each other between lovers. That time, roses were symbolized Roman goddess of love, Venus. Since then, the meaning of single red rose is literally to convey ‘I Love you’. Not only effective to convey what people feel, red roses also become such a great inspiration for musicians in making song lyrics as well as artists who write poems or create wonderful paintings. There are countless number poems which are made from the inspiration of either roses or single rose. Red colour in roses comes in different shades as well and each of them also has its own meaning. Let’s take an example of single dark red rose meaning which refers to unconscious beauty. People are likely to use it for delivering simple message. Even though it is associated with simplicity, but single rose with dark red colour have a lot of meanings including love, purity, thankfulness and innocence.

Besides curious on what does a single red rose mean, people also want to know whether rose bud also has its own meaning. The buds of red roses often represent love and use to make a romantic atmosphere. When refers to its use, people like to spread red rose buds over bed or bath tub. Other part of the house like fireplace surrounding is another place where you can finds these buds. Adding rose buds to the letter becomes a simple way to show love among distant lovers. Another single red rose bud meaning which people rarely known is that it becomes a representation of youth and innocence of love as it is a starting phase of rose before it blossoms. Rose buds with red colours are used to symbolize purity as well as loveliness. It also means youth or young loves. Hence, young couples tend to use it to express love instead of the bloom ones. Even red rose bud is originally has deeper meaning compared with the bloomed roses.

Giving single red rose seems to be less meaningful when it is compared to a bouquet full of rose. However, the fact tells differently. So, if you want to convey love message and plan to give single rose to someone special, you had better knowing about single red rose meaning.

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