Touching Red Rose Meaning in Love

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What is red rose meaning in love? It is likely a habit for many people to bring roses when dating. Then, the boys are giving the roses to the girls as the symbol of love. For this matter, roses are always associated to love. Is that true? Here is the explanation.

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What does red rose meaning?

Dark red rose meaning
Dark red rose meaning

Red rose basically has a really broad meaning. So, it is not just about love. Rose is a symbol of femininity and spiritual issues. It is believed to be started during the early period of Christian. There is a term of mystical rose that is associated to Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene, a woman who was really close to Jesus. Since that period, rose is always related to something feminine. That’s why; the names of flowers in general are also given to the baby girls. Not only is it because the beauty but also about the deeper meaning inside. It is also not something exaggerated if girls love flowers so much. Theoretically, it is the representation of them.

On the other hand, red is a very important color to make this world is so cheerful. This color is known for the most striking one. It is proven when you wear red outfit in the party; everybody can just simply look at you. For this fact, red means many things like bravery, passion, desire, beauty, spirit, and sure, love. Red rose is then a perfect thing. In general, it is a good representation of spirit, beauty, passion, and love towards a woman. Yes, red roses given are never denied because they are very beautiful and romantic.

Deeper Meaning of Red Rose in Love

Compared to any other types of roses in different colors, the red ones are indeed more sexual. It has been mentioned above that red is about the passion and desire. In love and relationship, of course, the passion can be simply directed to the sexual matters. For people with naughty feeling, red roses given are a simple way to attract and seduce women for going to bed. And that is definitely true.

The story Behind Red Roses
The story Behind Red Roses

Interestingly, the passion in love is also more than that. It is about seriousness and commitment as well. it is a passion to live together in more committed relationship like engagement and married. When you are already in that point, you must be demanded to be more passionate in anything including at work and more. Sure, you must passionately earn money so that your children can live better. It is reasonable then if red rose means commitment and a request to live together in more sacred bound. It is so necessary then if you may ask your girlfriend to marry you while bringing a bouquet of red roses along with a ring on the box. In addition that red rose has spiritual context as well, this flower is just everything.

Although it is common to flatter a girl’s heart through red roses, sure, you must know the meaning inside. This matter can just make every gift you give more meaningful and memorable. Based on the explanation above, it is indeed prove that red rose meaning in love is so deep, beautiful, and touching.

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