Understanding What Does A Black Rose Mean

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The unique color of this flower makes many of us wonder What Does A Black Rose Mean at one point. Enchanting as it is, there is an interesting meaning and symbolism behind it. Who would have thought that this rare beauty has deep meaning and varied symbolism attached to it?

The meaning

The mystique surrounding black colored flowers has always caught our attention. Perhaps it’s due to their unnatural color. Yes, their dark hue never fails to provoke an incredibly powerful feeling. Not many of us are aware of the fact that black roses are actually a darker shade of purple. But if there is one thing that not all of us are aware of, it must be the meaning of this unique flower.

What Does A Black Rose Mean
What Does A Black Rose Mean

In the 19th century, a Floriography titled Language of Flowers implies that the black rose meaning is none other than death and bereavement. Black, being the color that is closely associated with sadness, makes this type of rose a particularly gloomy one. During the time of war, a single black rose was often sent to a loved one. It was typically sent before they embarked on a journey they did not expect to return.

For centuries, black roses have also been used exclusively at funerals. Interestingly enough, this does not always mean death and state of despair. Depending on how others see it, black roses may also mean rebirth. In other sense of the word, black roses are also used as a signal of a new upheaval. The death of old order, and the raise of a new and better future if you will.

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The many symbolisms of black roses

So, what does a black rose symbolize? When it comes to symbolism, many would perhaps have tragedy and every single symbol that is opposite of white rose in mind. It’s true that for the most part black roses are used to symbolize bereavement, sadness, and tragic romance. But that’s not it! In this article, you will also learn about its deep and varied symbolism.

Within the pop culture, the black rose has always been symbolized as a dark emotion. Widely used in various work of fictional stories, black roses are used as a symbol of sorrow and mystery. It is also widely used to depict either a tragic love or an obsessive love. It also becomes the symbol of danger or death in some fictional works, an example is Babylon 5.

In the political sphere, black roses are used as a symbol of anarchism. Dimitrios Roussopoulos was the first libertarian anarchist who used black rose as symbol of its movement. Despite not featuring the black rose in its cards, Tarotology also used black rose. In it, this black flowers meaning immorality, revenge, and disrespect.

In romance, black rose meaning love depends on how you see it. Majority of people see it as a symbol of tragic love that doesn’t stand a chance. However, due to its rarity, many see it as the meaning of love that is one-of-a-kind. So What Does A Black Rose Mean to you?