The Meaning, Fact, and Care About Campanula (Bell Flower)

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Campanula or we are more familiar with the bellflower. This plant comes from southern Europe and is widely cultivated in European and North American countries. The Bellflower is one of the most beautiful flowers because it looks like a bell. Bellflower meaning “Venus Looking Glass”.

This is based on the myth that Venus’ mirror can see beautiful images. But the mirror fell and broke. The shard of the mirror is said to be the place where the campanula grows.

Campanula rose meaning

The Meaning of Bell Flower

Campanula flower meaning gratitude and love. Many beautiful meanings are attached to this flower which is as beautiful as its visuals.

Bellflower is a symbol of eternal love and determination. This flower is usually given to someone who will accompany you for the rest of your life.

This ornamental plant is usually given when an important moment such as a wedding. You can also decorate your home with this plant. Bellflower has 500 different variants.

Facts About Campanula

Bellflowers are also known as Canterbury bells. Canterbury bells flower meaning is harmful, love and immortality.

Bellflowers are also known as Canterbury bells

Here are some bellflower facts that we can all know:

  • Has 500 species and subspecies
  • This flower can adjust to the needs of the sun, depending on the climate where this flower grows
  • Has 5 petals
  • Campanula is an eternal flower
  • Campanula leaves can be consumed as a substitute for spinach or sweet potatoes.

This bellflower is suitable as a house plant because of its beautiful shape and easy maintenance. Moreover, the Bellflower meaning is very touching and affectionate.

Bell Flower Care

Many florists say that this plant is very easy to care for, even if you are a gardening beginner like Lotus flower.

Here are some tips that you need to pay attention to if you want to care for campanula flowers:

Sunshine Plant campanula flowers in a place that gets full sun. Although this flower can adjust to the needs of sunlight, it is better to place it in an open yard and get full sun.

  1. Land

Before you plant campanula flowers, make sure the soil is moist. Because if the soil is dry, the plants cannot grow optimally.

Water the plant at the top of the soil when the flowers begin to dry. You can water it 2 times a day. Make sure the soil is never dry.

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  1. Organic Mulch

Organic mulch helps campanula flowers grow and prevents the soil from retaining water. In addition, organic mulch can also prevent the growth of weeds.

If you put organic mulch, the plants can grow optimally and the flowers can grow beautifully.

  1. Check Plants Regularly

Check the plant for anything bothering it such as the white coating on leaves, leaf wilting, or discoloration. Remove things that disturb the plant so as not to damage others.

In line with the Bellflower meaning as eternal love, this plant is full of meaning and very beautiful. Make sure it is cared for properly so that the flowers can grow beautifully.