Get to Know Red Rose – 3 (Three) Red Roses Meaning

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3 (three) red rose meaning should be found out from the base first. Red rose is the most popular rose among the rose colors and among all flowers in the world. It is simply associated to friendship and love or devotion. But what if a person gave you three roses? We are about to find out.

What does 3 red rose mean?

Again, red rose shows the love and devotion. Red rose itself has beautiful and incredible color. This is why you will never go wrong by giving a person you love red roses. Of course, each color of it has different meaning but in overall, it expresses the great love and devotion. But sometimes you will get a bouquet of red flowers with certain number and you have no idea about the meaning.

Three Red Roses Meaning
Three Red Roses Meaning

Here we are going to tell you about the meaning of 3 red rose and other number as well.

Why does lover give red roses?

We will say that there are a lot of different theories and myths about red flowers. But the Roman Priest Valentine describes something more make sense about this. Claudio III was not allowing the warriors to get married. If a warrior wanted to get married or tied to family then they will be hardly enlisted in the army.

Red Roses Meaning
Red Roses Meaning

Valentine was a consistent defender of marriage especially for love. He married some young couples in secret. The emperor finally found out and the Valentine was kept in prison with death penalty. While Valentine was waiting for his sentence, he fell in love with warden’s daughter. He declared his love to her with red rose and note in it before his death. Since then, red rose is describing a real love.

But, what is the meaning behind 3 red roses? If a single rose could express love at the first sight or love that is still alive after times, then 3 red roses tell you about the shared love or may be a gift for monthly anniversary.

A message of infinite love

As we have explained before, red rose speaks clear meaning. And, what does giving 3 red roses mean could be easily answered in previous paragraph. But you should remember that red rose is not supposed to be given to just anyone. Fresh red flower may be a bit pricey. It also has short lifespan than several other flower types.

Even though red roses show love or something similar you also cannot give this to family or friends. They will be confused after all. It is exclusively designed for your love one or partner or person who has a place in your heart in a romantic way. Other than that, red roses express the huge passion and desire.

Well, by giving a red rose to a person you love will be a lovely way to declare your feeling, passion, desire, and of course love. Besides just giving red roses, you can mix it with white roses in a bouquet. And this is the end of 3 (three) red rose meaning.

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