True Love on the Lavender Rose Meaning

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Lavender rose meaning; are you interested to know that? Well, rose is definitely a kind of great flowers. It seems that this flower is really well-known to celebrate anything. More than that, it is also a good gift to your loved ones to express the feeling. So, what is actually the meaning? Here it is.

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The Meaning of Rose in General

You probably wonder why rose is a special. In fact, there are many other flowers that are as beautiful as. It is not known yet how this culture was started. But there is something clear; rose represents femininity. It is a symbol of female and beauty. Undeniably, if you hear the word rose even know, you can simply feel that the name is really feminine. But in the past, rose is only well-known with the color of red. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if red rose is always given by a man to his woman to express his love. Yes, red which is passionate makes the flower is perfect to describe a relationship between men and women. Now, more than just rose is all about femininity, it is also al about love and romance.

Lavender Rose Meaning love and romance
Lavender Rose Meaning love and romance

On the other hand, lavender itself has a long history. Lavender as a color is basically a variant of purple. Then, purple is often used as the symbol of glory and prosperity, you can see full in glory rose meaning. In the European tradition, it is so necessary if a country use purple or lavender as the symbol of their kingdom. It is expected that their kingdom will always be wealthy not only the king but also the people.

The Meaning of Lavender Rose

After acknowledging the meaning of rose and lavender separately, it is clearer then what lavender rose should mean. Yes, it can symbolize love and glory at once. It seems weird but cute as well. Different from red rose that is probably more about passion and desire, lavender rose seems deeper than that. it represents serious relationship in which the couple may not only think about desire but also the wealth and prosper for them later. A kind of serious relationship also talks about children and good life in the future for sure. So, more than just love, money is definitely needed.

Meaning of Lavender Rose
Meaning of Lavender Rose

Uniquely, in some areas particularly Asian, lavender rose has different meaning. it is still about love but a little bit different. Lavender rose is the representation of something cute and innocent like the first love. Well, anybody must experience this one during their teenage time. Rather than thinking about steamy or serious relationship, first love is more about someone who is shy to express his or her feeling or something like that. For this case, giving the first crush a kind of lavender rose seems more appropriate than the red one anyway. It is mainly for single lavender rose meaning.

It can be concluded anyway that lavender rose is more about true love whether it is the first love or the serious ones. Somehow, it feels more beautiful than the red one that represents a kind of passionate love; it is still love but often temporary. It is great then to plant this rose for the lavender rose meaning.