15 Roses Meaning: Get To Know How Numbers of Roses Can Have Different Meanings

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15 roses meaning can be different from 20 roses meaning. Basically, you can deliver different intention by counting the numbers of roses you will give. As we know, giving roses with different can show different expression. Difference of numbers of roses can also show the same thing.

Meaning of 15 Roses and Other Numbers of Roses

Giving flowers to others can imply a message. It has been known for centuries. It is not believed in only one country, but around the world. People believe that flowers can deliver a message very well. Each flower in the world represents different message. You might have known some meanings of different flowers. Sometimes, a florist will also help us to decide what kind of flower to be given. We only need to tell the florist about the intention of giving the flowers, and then let them help you to choose. Talking about giving flowers, roses are a popular flower which has various colors. Red and white can be found easily, but there are still many of them like orange rose, black rose, purple rose, pink rose, and so on. These varieties of rose color will give a variety of message too. You might want to ask a florist to know further about it. One thing of which there hasn’t been many people know is that numbers of roses can also state different meaning.

15 Roses Meaning
15 Roses Meaning

Now we will take a look at how numbers can state something. There are so many meanings, so let’s get to know several meanings only. Single rose can show love at the first sight or a depiction of utmost devotion to a person. Giving two roses can imply mutual feelings between two people. Next, there are 3 roses meaning. This number shows an intention of saying “I love you” to someone. Number 3 stands for “I love you” statement as we can see before, while 5 roses show “I love you so much” statement. If you want to add “I miss you” statement, you can choose 6 roses. Choosing to give 7 roses has a meaning that you are infatuated with a person. Wishing to have a love that lasts forever? You might want to choose 9 roses to show that kind of feeling. 10 roses have a light meaning since it states “you are pretty”. It seems like roses are only dedicated for the lover, isn’t it? It is not fully right since you can also send a message to your friend by giving 13 roses. That number shows a wish to be forever friends. Can roses imply a sorry feeling? Yes, it can do that for sure. You can give someone 15 roses to show that you are sorry about something.

Knowing Exactly the Numbers Interpretation of Roses

There are only several meanings that can be mentioned here. You can still get a source of other numbers. Despite of various meanings of numbers of roses, giving roses mostly show a love feeling in human. That’s all for numbers of roses meaning from 1 rose to 15 roses meaning.