Depth Meaning and Symbolism of Snapdragon Flower

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Snapdragon flower is one kind of flower that has a very unique shape. It looks like the head of a dragon when it is squeezed. Centuries ago, people liked to squeeze this flower and found it fun to do so. Remember that there were no gadgets back then so that thing was so fun for them.

There are more than 40 varieties of snapdragon flowers all over the world. This flower has a scientific name, which is Antirrhinums, which means nose-like. It relates to the snapdragon flower meaning for its shapes like Purple Rose Meaning and Symbolism.

Snapdragon Flower with variety of colors

The Depth Meaning and Symbolism of Snapdragon Flower

The existence of flowers is to teach us that behind beauty, it has something more than just its beautiful look. Snapdragon flower meaning also teaches us about something more than just beauty. Here are some meanings of the snapdragon flower.

  1. The snapdragon flower represents gracefulness and strength while facing a hard situation, as this flower has a strong ability to grow in rocky areas.
  2. Another meaning of the Antirrhinum snapdragon flower is symbolized deviousness or crookedness. It shows a charm against falsehood when someone is having a bout of bad luck.
  3. During the Victorian era, this flower is used to say sorry or telling the truth, so when the sender did something wrong and wanted to show his regret, they would like to use the Snapdragon flower.

Depth Meaning Snapdragon Flower

Uncommon Facts about Snapdragon Flower

Snapdragon flower is a unique flower for its name and shape, yet this flower is splendid. Despite the popularity of this flower nowadays, there are some facts that you might not know about this beautiful flower.

Facts about Snapdragon Flower

  1. Snapdragon’s origin comes from Spain, America and North Africa.
  2. The flower will grow perfectly in a place with plenty of sun and damp soil.
  3. It is various in size starting from 5 inches up to 48 inches depending on its kind and circumstances.
  4. It usually blooms during autumn and summer.
  5. Another Snapdragon flower fact is that this flower has other common names such as calf’s snout, lion’s mouth and toad’s mouth.
  6. The pollination of Snapdragon can only be done by huge insects because this flower has big and heavy petals.
  7. The Snapdragon petals are edible and it is used as a garnish for some drinks and meals.
  8. This flower comes in different variations of colours such as orange rose meaning in relationship, red, purple, lavender, white, pink and burgundy.
  9. Since the Ancient Greek, Snapdragon flower colour is associated with magic. It was also believed that some colour of Snapdragon flower contained magical spirit.

The Meanings of Snapdragon Flower

As time goes by, the Snapdragon flower has more varieties with more colours. Here are some Snapdragon flower meanings for its colours.

Meanings of Snapdragon Flower

  • Purple: purple Snapdragon is associated with spirit. It has a spiritual power that is used as magical property. Purple colour is also a symbol of royalty.
  • Red: red colour symbolizes positive energy, love and passion.
  • White: white brings grace, purity, good magic and innocent symbol.
  • Yellow: yellow colour usually symbolizes happiness, brightness and positive vibes.

Purple Snapdragon