Orange Flower Meanings

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Flowers are a common gift to give to a loved one when it comes to celebrations. For example, you might give your mom a beautiful bouquet on mothers day. Likewise, a bunch of roses can easily be accompanied by a box of chocolates that as a traditional gift for lovers to share on Valentine’s day. Also, there is the case where when a child graduates or shines on stage after a performance that a proud parent will probably give them a few fragment flowers for a job well done.

It’s a well-known fact all around the world that flowers are a way in which someone shows a loved one that they care for them. However, many people would be surprised to know that the type and color of the flower have its own hidden message. Flowers have been used for millennia as a way of communicating messages between people who wanted to keep their conversations encrypted. Although this is practice has lost a lot of its popularity in modern times, it doesn’t mean that we can’t revive it! Sending messages through flowers are a ton of fun and can be done between anyone despite their relationship with the person that they are communicating with. This is because not all flowers are meant to say that you love someone. For example, orange colored flowers are often associated with other feelings and intentions because orange flower meaning often invokes feelings of excitement, leadership, and energy. This is largely in part because orange is a color that reminds people of the sun. Here is a few orange flower meaning.

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Although red roses are synonyms for romance, orange roses have a different meaning. Orange roses symbolize fascination.

Orange roses meanings


Looking for a bit of luck? An orange lily is a sign of money, confidence and overall being proud of oneself.

orange lily meanings


Even though tulips are not necessarily the image that comes to mind on Thanksgiving, it should be! Orange tulips are a sign of appreciation, happiness and being thankful. In addition, orange tulips can also be meant to symbolize energy and strength.

Orange Tulips


Don’t let their bright color fool you. These flowers have a dark side. Marigolds are actually meant to show negative emotions such as being jealous, feeling greedy as well as showing grief for a dead relative.



Carnations are generally not orange in color naturally and these flowers can only develop this color through dying the flower in colored water or by being a hybrid. Therefore, orange carnations are meant to show that you refuse a proposed idea.

Orange flower meanings


Are you faced with a big decision and you just can’t decide on what path to choose? If this is the case, you might want to go pick some orange zinnias as they inspire feelings of balance and consistency.

Gerbera daisies

Even on a rainy day, the bright, warm and bold color of orange gerbera daisies can light up any room. This is the reason why orange gerbera daisies symbolize happiness, good cheer, enjoyment, and a warm sensation.