Lotus Flower Meaning & Symbolism in Religion

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Flowers are usually associated with spiritual and religious meaning as those beauty blooms from dirt and rise beautifully. The life of flowers represents lots of things and that is why flowers have depth meaning more than their beauty, just like life is. Lotus flower meaning is no exception as this flower has lots of religious and symbolic meanings.

Having the scientific name, Nelumbo Nucifera, the Lotus flower might be delicate and soft, but this flower is powerful. Lotus lives in a unique place, muddy soil under the water, where the other flowers usually could not survive. That fact makes the Lotus flower even more meaningful.

In some areas, specific flowers bring special meaning for them, just like the Lotus flower does in some religions and cultures. The meaning Lotus flower might be vary depending on culture and people believe, but it is always fascinating to know about, for sure.

Lotus Flower Meaning

Spiritual and Religious Lotus Flower Meaning

Many Eastern cultures symbolize the Lotus flower as one of the parts of their belief. Even Japan and China are some countries that put Lotus flowers in their religious ceremonies. Lotus flower has completely captured everyone’s heart, all the way from East into the whole world.

  1. Hinduism

Lotus flower is usually associated with the Deities such as Ganesha, Sarasvati, The Goddess of Knowledge, as they portraited sitting on Lotus flower. Even the ultimate Creator, Brahma, emerged in Lotus flower.

This represents the purity of how the Lotus flower grows in the mud and rise to stand straight. Indian Lotus meaning also shows that Lotus flower represents wealth and prosperity as Laxmi, The Goddess of wealth and prosperity holds Lotus flower in her two hands.

Lotus flower symbolism in Hinduism

  1. Buddhism

The Lotus flower is known as the representation of sitting position when Buddhists doing meditation. The way the legs are crossed and tucked to bent the knees is similar to Lotus petals. Lotus also symbolizes three things, which are body, mind and speech.

The second Buddha who was introducing the religion to Tibet was also called The Lotus-born in Tibet. Purity, enlightenment and patience are some Lotus flower meanings for Buddhists.

Lotus flower meanings for Buddhists

  1. Ancient Egyptian’s Religion

Some Lotus flower paintings found on the temples and tombs of ancient Egyptians.

Researchers believe that Lotus meant something more than just flowers for Egyptians. Then, it is known that Lotus represents a symbol of rebirth as they believed in reincarnation and the afterlife’s mysteries. That explained how Lotus would seem to sink at night and raise straight when the morning comes.

The Meaning of Lotus Flowers Based on Colours

As the other flowers have their meanings based on their colours, so Lotus flower meaning does. Here are some meanings of each different colour.

Meaning of Lotus Flowers Based on Colours

  • Pink: gentleness, sweetness and femininity
  • Blue: confidence, inspiration, sincerity and wisdom
  • White: perfection, flawless, purity, innocent heaven and Goddess
  • Black: black lotus symbolism describes power, authority, rebellion, sadness, sinister and even death. Black Lotus symbolizes everything opposite to the light one.
  • Purple: wisdom, royalty, dignity, wealth and creativity
  • Red: emotions, true feelings, love, passion and sacrifice