What Does Columbine Flower Symbolize and Mean?

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An exquisite perennial flower, the Columbine is a small wildflower that usually grows in woodland or around the mountainside. The Columbine flower grows in many colours such as purple, red, yellow and white.

This flower is the state flower of Colorado because most of this flower grows around the mountainside in Colorado. Despite the delicate and small size of the flower, The Columbine flower has unique characteristics and depth meaning.

Columbine Flower Symbolize and Meaning

Depth Meaning and Unique Characteristic of The Columbine Flower

The Columbine flower meaning is related to its shape which looks like an eagle.

The Latin name of this flower is Aquilegia that means eagle. That is like destiny because the Latin name exactly describes the shape of this Aquilegia flower.

It is said so because the shape of Columbine’s spurs is similar to the talons of an eagle. And that brings the unique characteristic of this delicate yet picturesque flower which can survive in such an unfriendly environment.  As it is mentioned before that The Columbine flower grows in rough areas such as mountainsides or woodland.

Aquilegia flower

The Symbolize of Columbine Flower

Despite the beauty, the flower symbolizes lots of things based on the culture and how those people see the depth meaning of flowers. The Columbine flower has been symbolized by some cultures as well. Here are some Columbine flower symbols base on some cultures and beliefs.

Greek and Romans

Ancient Greek and Romans attribute Columbine flower to The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. They usually view Columbine as a symbol of romance and love, so it is common to give Columbine flowers to someone they love like White Rose Meaning In Love and What It Symbolizes.

Celtic tradition

In Celtic tradition, there is one unique tradition related to the Columbine flower which symbolizes visions and dreams. Celts believe in dreams and they also believe that The Columbine flower is the portal to go to this world.

Aquilegia flower meaning


In another hand, Austrians view the Columbine flower as five doves flying in a circle because of its shape. That is how they see the Columbia flower meaning. Such a unique view!


Furthermore, Christians also view the Columbine flower as something more than just a flower. They believe that the Columbine flower symbolizes the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that include wisdom, love, piety, knowledge and many more.

Columbine Flower meaning in christian

The flower is also symbolized something general like happiness and strength. This flower also represents the fear of God when they do something wrong.

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Columbine Flower Meaning Based on Colour

Despite all of those symbol meanings, there are some other meanings of the Columbine flower based on its colour, just like other flowers have.

  • Purple: beauty, royalty and nobility
  • Red: love and passion between two lovers
  • Yellow: success, friendship and happiness
  • White: spiritually, purity and innocence.

Each flower is indeed beautiful and unique on its way, so Columbia flower meaning is. The meaning is also different, it depends on the culture and people’s perspective on how they see the depth meaning of this flower. What about yours? Do you have your perspective about this beautiful flower?