Rose Colors, Numbers and Their Meanings

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The art of giving roses is an old tradition that has always been characterized by an affection towards a person in regards to different situations. Roses are typically delivered on special occasions. They usually are in different colors that are used to convey mixed messages. A personalized message adds more value to the roses and subsequently makes them unique. It is essential to confirm whether the recipient of the roses understands the meaning of the colors in them. In case they do not understand, you can explain your message as you present the roses.

Roses meaning are defined by the different colors and how they could be mixed on a single bouquet. Actually, each rose color has unique meaning from the rest, sometimes more than one. Since roses could be accompanied by a card, it is always advisable to quote the roses meaning. The following is a summarized meaning of some of the most common roses’ color.

There is no more prominent blessing than roses to an important other, companion or relative. Roses are a standout amongst the most looked for flowers, with discount roses getting to be one of the most loved endowments to give a companion or adored one.
However, if you are going to give a gift of wholesale roses, you must be careful. Roses come in a variety of different colors, which makes it tempting to find a unique color that you think the person will enjoy. But rose colors are also associated with specific rose meanings, and if you give wholesale roses to someone without recognizing what the color represents, you may find yourself in a little bit of trouble.

Colors and Meanings of Roses

Rose colors have different meanings depending on culture and reliance on flower symbols. Here are some of the symbols implied by the colors of roses, but don’t forget that many things – including the culture of the individual you are giving the roses too – can affect how these roses are taken.

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Two Red Rose


Red, the most common wholesale roses and easily the most highly valued, mean powerful love in almost every culture. If you are giving the roses to someone you love, red is a very safe way to go, you also can give two red rose for let us always together.


Yellow Rose Symbolism


The opposite is also true. Yellow roses have a different meaning in every culture, where some cultures see yellow roses as a symbol of death, while others consider it a sign of friendship. In most countries, you can safely give roses to those you admire and care for, but be careful about the setting in which you provide the flower, click the title to see all yellow rose means.


Pink and Red Roses BouquetPink

Pink roses are a sign of either friendship or sympathy, depending on the individual you are giving them to. They can also be a sign of love, and make a great gift to someone you genuinely care for, but they do not represent the type of passion that red roses do. Pink roses are used to show a lover that they are also your best friend.


Pink rose meaning

Deep pink roses

These roses symbolize appreciation and admiration. Actually, they just spell out the phrase, ‘Thank you.’



Coral Rose Color

Coral Roses

These are primarily associated with workmates or schoolmates. Coral roses portray strong desire and passion for improving or pursuing anything.



What does a pink rose meaningLight pink roses

These are used to suggest fun and happiness. Mostly presented by people of the same age group.



Single White Rose Meaning


White roses are a sign of purity and grace. They may be given to those you love, but they are not meant to be presented with any ulterior motive – they are a sign of innocence and are offered in a way that reflects that innocence.


Red and Yellow Roses MeaningYellow with a Red Tip

While this color of rose signifies friendship, it can also mean falling in love. It is the perfect flower to present with an engagement ring or a way of telling that special someone that you want to move forward in your relationship.


Orange roses color


These beautiful bright roses are the epitome of enthusiasm and desire. What a lovely flower to have placed in a honeymoon suite or to give when you are planning that romantic evening with that special someone you love.


Peach Roses Meaning and Symbolism


The peach color rose sends the message “Let’s get together.” It is the perfect flower to send a friend of either sex with a lunch or dinner invitation.



Meaning of Lavender Rose


These beautiful flowers are the color of enchantment and often signify adoration at initial sight. What a perfect flower to send to that special someone you met at a party to let them know that they have captivated you.


Blue roseBlue roses

These were made by coloring white roses. Blue roses generally connote riddle or achieving the unthinkable. They are accepted to have the capacity to concede the proprietor youth or grant wishes. This imagery gets from the rose’s significance in the language of flowers necessary in Victorian circumstances.

Orange roses-signify desire and enthusiasm.

Black roses-do not exist, but florists create black roses through dyes. These express death and goodbyes.

Have Cheap Flowers Sent Without Seeking EconomicalMixed Colors

Another option that you have with wholesale roses is to provide a mixed color bouquet or roses that have more than one color. The meanings of these roses change with the colors present. The more red, white and pink in the bouquet, the more they represent honesty and love. The more bright, exotic colors (yellow, orange, etc.) the more the flowers represent heat and passion.

If the rose is not in full bloom is signifies simplicity. A single red rose in full bloom means “I Love You With All My Heart.” Many roses tied together can have different meanings. You can express a lot of emotions with just a single rose. The feelings vary depending on what color is the rose.

Roses and Numbers


One usually signifies love at initial glance. If many years later if a loved one gives you red rose it may mean “you are still the one.”


Giving two signify mutual love and affection.


A bouquet of three signifies the celebration of one month anniversary and represents the couple and the shared love.


To convey feelings of infatuation or “I want to be yours.”


Nine signifies either “I want to be with you forever” or eternal love.


Ten would mean that “you are perfect in all respect.”


A perfect twelve shouts the message of “be mine.”


Tell a close buddy that they will be your friend for a long time by giving them a number thirteen rose pack.


When you are sorry about anything, you can apologies by sending them fifteen.


You can send a rose bouquet of twenty roses when trying to convey the message “the feelings i have for you are truly sincere.”


The hidden meaning behind twenty-one is “I am dedicated to you.”

Twenty four

While a twelve pack means “be mine,” a two dozen signifies “I’m yours.”


Congratulate a dear friend on a special occasion with twenty-five roses.

Three dozen

Three dozens are the ultimate way of professing that you are “head over heels in love” with the person.

Forty roses

If you want to convey that your love for the person concerned is genuine, then you can use forty roses.

Fifty roses

When you receive a bouquet of fifty roses, it could mean a love that knows no bounds.

The shading and kind of rose do convey meaning, however. Know about what you’re giving: the shade of a rose can have an altogether different importance from what you plan. In case you’re giving roses as a blessing, take after this guide to ensure you send the message you need to send.

  1. A lone Red means: “I Love You Forever.”
  2. A lone White means: “The feelings i have for You Are Pure.”
  3. A lone Yellow means: “Friends For Life” or “You Lighten Up My Day.”
  4. A lone Pink means: “I Like You.”
  5. A single Orange says: “I Am So Proud Of You.”
  6. A single Peach says: “Thanks A lot.”
  7. A single Lavender says: “You Enchant Me.”
  8. A single Blue says: “I Trust You.”

The number of Red Roses is associated with romantic issues. So when you need to deliver a bouquet of red roses, be sure to know the meaning behind it.

  1. A single Red: “I Love You Forever” “You Are The Only One For Me.”
  2. Two Red: “Let Us Be Together”
  3. Three Red: “You, Me and Our Love, Together”
  4. Six Red: “I Am So In Love With You”
  5. Twelve Red: “Be Mine”
  6. Twenty-Four Red: “I Am Yours”
  7. Fifty Red: “My Love For You Has No Limit”

The language of flowers is an under-appreciated skill, however some endeavor to keep the importance alive through sites. Similarly, as the Eskimo language has a few words for “snow,” the botanical dialect may have a few implications for a similar flower. Some portion of the translation of the language of flowers is the useful feelings between the supplier and the beneficiary. Once in a while even a basic rose picked from a yard by a youngster can be the most intense image of adoration to a mother. Get her what she enjoys or her most loved rose shading or a delicately scented rose and maybe the feelings behind the blessing will give another importance in her psyche and heart for this blossom. Roses send emotions through the endowment of nature! They can converse through their unusual life shape without talking a word. They convey paradise to the planet and sorrow to joy.

There are more amazing facts that every rose lover should know. The rose is used in the production of medication. It is the hips and the petals that make it valuable. The rose also contains antioxidants, which helps to protect the immune system. The rose hips include ovaries and have a complete reproductive system present within them. It carries both the male and the female reproductive parts. This is one reason why the rose is considered the perfect flower.

It is entirely different from any other known flower. It has nutrients of pectin and beta-carotene. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and Vitamin C. A rose can make sugar better tasting than it already is! Just take fresh rose petals wash and dry them gently and layer them in an airtight container, alternating with layers of sugar. Ordinary table sugar will do. Let them sit for some days and then remove the petals. You will now have a wonderfully fragrant sugar for herb teas. This may well work with Stevia, but I haven’t tried it.

The beautiful, brilliant color and the fragrance of these petals are what attract insects to the rose. The sepals are protective leaves and surround the buds of the roses as a mother would her child. The male reproductive system consists of the Stamens and the female parts of the reproductive system are called Pistils. Other facts concerning these beautiful flowers are a pleasure to know. Roses were first flowers to be cultivated over two thousand years ago in China. Rose growing made its way to other countries.

Roses are a very beautiful way to send a symbolic message. By combining your feelings with the numbers and colors of roses given, you can be sure you express how you feel about that person without even saying a single word.

It is essential to keep in mind that the giver conveys the meaning of a gift of roses. Not the guidelines that follow. If the color choice and number seem inappropriate, the implications may be unintended. Rather than misinterpreting the gift and assuming false and perhaps inappropriate messages, enjoy the flowers and let time divulge their meaning.

Flowers, especially roses are always a welcome gift and brighten the day and the hearts of those who receive them. Using roses and their meanings to send just the right message to friends, employers, employees, and loved ones is an ideal way to tell just how much they mean to you. Look for roses at your local florist shop, or you can also order flowers online.