7 Kinds of Flowers That Mean Protection

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Flowers are considered symbols that are used when we want to show something. Flowers not only mean love and affection, but also mean protection, hope, and loyalty. Aside from its beautiful form, and some might have good fragrances, flowers can also mean something really deep.

Well, without further a due, let’s check this out.

Some Flowers that Mean Protection

There are many types of flowers that mean protection in the world. Here are some types of flowers that symbolize a sense of protection and affection:

  1. Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)

This beautiful flower is known as the Dragon flower or Snapdragon. This plant is a genus of thirty species of flower plants in the Plantaginaceae family originating from northern Africa, Western Asia, and Europe.

Snapdragons have flowers that are shaped like a beautiful dragon and have two lips above the leaves. The flowers have a very subtle fragrance.

Snapdragon flower has the meaning of virtue, strength, grace, and protection. But Snapdragon also means indifference and denial.

  1. Anemone (Windflower)

Anemone is a genus of 120 species of flowering plants of the family Ranunculaceae native to Japan, North America, and Europe.

This flower stem has one and several beautiful flowers. This plant also has three leaves on each flower and makes this plant visually very beautiful.

The meaning of this anemone flower is a symbol of anticipation and protection.

  1. Malva (Mallow)

Malva flower or what we know as the Mallow flower is a genus of 30 species of herbaceous plants that are still in the Malvaceae family. This plant is native to Europe, Asia, and northern Africa which has a warm climate.

Mallow flowers are cup-shaped and their properties can be used as herbal medicine like Wolfsbane Flower. All mallow flowers have five petals and come in a variety of colors.

Mallow flowers mean protection, spirituality, and health.

  1. Hypericum

Hypericum is a genus of 200 species of flowering plants from the family Hypericaceae that grow in the Middle East and North Africa.

This flower has five petals and is bright yellow. Visually prominent stamens are visible above the flower petals.

Hypericum flowers

Hypericum flowers mean protection and rebirth. So this flower symbolizes joy in one’s life.

  1. Ulex (Gorse)

Ulex, better known as Furze or Gorse is a genus of fifteen species of cypress from the Fabaceae family native to Northwest Africa and Western Europe.

This plant has narrow leaves and small, shaped like pea flowers, and has a golden yellow color. Gorse flowers grow almost all year round.

The Gorse flower also symbolizes protection, hope, and fertility. In Greek mythology, this plant is associated with sunlight.

  1. Verbascum (Mullein)

Verbascum plants are a genus of 100 species of flowering plants from the family Scrophulariaceae. This plant is native to Asia and Europe.

This plant species is a perennial that can return year after year without having to be replanted.

Mullein is a tall plant and has yellow, saucer-shaped flowers. You may also like Lotus Flower Meaning

This plant loves the sun. Mullein flowers mean protection, courage, and health.

  1. Hoya

Hoya is a genus of 200 species of the family Apocynaceae. This plant can be found in Indonesia, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia.

This plant has a long woody stem and has a sweet floral scent and is star-shaped. This plant has the meaning of protection and wealth.