The Season of Coral Flowers

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The warm sensation of coral color makes life more interesting. It brings joy, love, and energy to us. As a trending color in 2019, many florists grow beautiful coral flowers in their garden. You won’t believe how pretty and attractive the Coral Flower Garden is until you see with your own eyes. Some people believe that these flowers brighten up your life, instead of being moody the whole day.

As flower lovers, some of us do really care in the creativity of color arrangement in our garden. We always seek for a new type of flowers, and probably bring a new color of the flower. For a long time, coral has been associated with the most garden-friendly color. It is moderately warm which won’t distract your calmness, came from the mixture of pink, yellow and orange but softer than pear’s color.

When it comes to coral, more or less you will probably talk about Dahlias. Dahlias is quite famous, especially in wedding occasions. It leaves a great impact on making the wedding looks pure and humble. Well-known as fabulous color which brings peacefulness in both hearts of the married couple. Usually, people exhibit dinnerplates (dahlias) at their wedding. There are various types of dahlia with frilly petals, named Penhill watermelon, Belle of Barmera and Fairway Spur.

Dahlias rose meaning

Other than Dahlias, Peonies also getting much attention from flower lovers. Known as ‘Coral Charm‘, this flower is very attractive and need low maintenance. Everyone should get this flower into their yards. As exact as its name, this charming flower has large and semi-double blossoms with incurved petals, which change from coral into pale ivory at the end of its season.

Peonies rose

Zinnia ‘Coral Beauty; never disappoint us with its beauty. Long stem dahlias with very beautifully formed flower. For this flower grows healthy, it needs full lighting from the sun. Low maintenance is needed to grow this flower. Once the flowers bloom, you will feel the full enjoyment all summer long.

When talking about flowers, we can’t run from roses! Rose is a symbol of love. Never deny red is the best roses ever: shows how the spirit of love will burn together in bright red. Woman prefer red roses. However, this coral roses being a great rival to red roses. The coral roses can send many positive intentions, desires, and happiness. Coral rose is at the center of roses’ ‘warm’ and ‘cold’. More likely giving the best meaning for fair, justice and moderate. Some people relate coral rose with burning desires. Since there is a slight mixture of yellow, which associated with friendship, and red that commonly considered as love, the coral rose also resemble the desire to move from friendship to romance. Most senders of coral roses want to tell that he has incomparable desire to move from current relationship to become a lover.

Season of Coral Flowers

Other coral flowers:

  1. Sweet Peas: Valerie Harrod
  2. Coleus: Copper Coral and Henna
  3. Poppy: Princess Victoria Louise
  4. Dianthus: Coral Reef
  5. Tulips: Charming Beauty
  6. Calla: Natural Bouquet
  7. Diascia: Coral Canyon
  8. Hyacinth: Gypsy Queen
  9. Daffodils: Delnashaugh and Pink Pride

If you are not attracted to this color before, this is the right time to make your garden more lively with coral flowers. You will like it as much as I do.