Mint Green Rose Meaning

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Roses have been an inspiration for lovers, artists, writers, and musicians for many years. Nearly everybody knows about red, white, and pink roses, but there are so many more colored roses. Every colored rose has a different meaning of its own. The meanings vary. Red roses signify love, yellow signifies you are proud of the person, and orange often signifies your desire for the receiver of the flowers.

Did you know that there are mint green roses? Did you know that these green roses might just be the oldest, most ancient strain of roses of them all? Now, while that is not a proven fact just yet, it is very interesting. Have you been planning on presenting someone with a beautiful bouquet of roses? Maybe now is the time to steer clear of the typical red, and choose a rose with meaning.

Mint Green Flower

The color green can signify so many things; rejuvenation of the world after a long winter, fertility, cheerfulness, and new beginnings are just a few of the many meanings. When we think of green we often think of fresh grass and leaves blooming in the Spring. Green is often seen as the rejuvenation of life. After all, is there anything more refreshing than seeing green bloom around you after a long, cold, dull, white winter? I don’t think there is. People who know about green roses typically view them as being the perfect gift for Christmas (mixed with red and white roses) or for Saint Patrick’s Day (in a bouquet all their own) there are other occasions where green roses would make a better gift. (This is not to say you shouldn’t use green roses whenever you want either.) It’s time to show the world that green roses mean more than a holiday.

Mint green roses signify fertility, cheerfulness and new beginnings. This makes mint green roses the perfect gift for expectant parents, parents with a newborn, or anyone else who is embarking on a change in their life- like switching jobs, or moving. New beginnings do not have to mean a baby.

Mint Green Rose Bouquet

Green roses can also signify richness and abundance. This can be taken two ways; a richness in the increasing of a family, or a richness in actual wealth, career, or other valuables. The meaning of the word richness will vary, but the meaning stays the same.

These roses are also considered to be a messenger of cheerfulness. When you send somebody mint green roses, you are sending them a happy gift. When this relates to a new beginning, it shows you are wishing them the best in their endeavors.

Mint Green Rose Meaning

Even though green roses have a variety of meanings, the most over-bearing meaning is fertility and new beginnings. Green is also known as being the color of peace, which makes me wonder why we wave a white flag as a truce and not a green one! But putting all jokes aside, giving someone a gift of mint green roses will let them know that you see their new beginning and are wishing them a safe, peaceful, happy journey- no matter what that journey may be.

Mint Green Rose Meanings

Mint Green Rose