The Beautiful Green Rose Meaning

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Roses may be universally linked with love. However, this Green Rose Meaning is incredibly distinctive. Yes, each color of this beautiful flower indeed has its own distinct meaning as well as symbolism. Are you interested in finding out more about this unique colored rose? This article is written specially for you.

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The green rose flower meaning

Also known scientifically as Rosa Chinensis Viridflora, this rare rose was initially brought into the limelight in 1856. Green roses are actually an off-white rose with slightly green hue. However, in this day and age, there are quite a few modern variations of it. Chartreuse, Jade, Green Ice, and Lime Sublime roses to name a few. But what about the meaning behind it?

The Beautiful Green Rose Meaning
The Beautiful Green Rose Meaning

Who would have thought that this rose variety has so many encouraging meanings and messages? One of the most popular meaning of green rose is, undoubtedly, fertility. Most particularly, Chartreuse rose. This shade of rose may not be available in abundance in nature, but no one can deny its beauty. Aside of fertility, green roses also mean opulence and harmony.

In psychological sense, the color green has always been associated with stability and serenity. With that being said, it is no wonder that many people see green roses as a symbol of tranquility. The fact that green roses are pleasant to the eyes also indicates its ability to impart our balances. In turn, it inspires cheerfulness and constant rejuvenation.

Green roses’ distinctive symbolism

Many people who choose this shade of rose do so for the green rose color meanings. By now you have learned about the various meaning of this rare beauty. But while they may be widely known as the absolute harbinger of new beginnings and good tidings. Interestingly enough there is another side of ithe coin. Yes, this does not mean that green roses do not have a negative meaning or connotation like pink rose meaning.

Green Rose Meaning
Green Rose Meaning

Many of us may not be aware of it. But green is also color that is largely used to convey feelings of envy and jealousy. There is also this old belief that green is the eyes of a monster. These negative meanings are certainly a stark contrast to the popular meaning that is typically described with many positive undertones. But what about its symbolism?

One of the most popular one is definitely green rose meaning eternal love. Many use green roses as a symbol of a spiritual love. The higher, and one-of-a-kind type of love that surpasses the significance of anything in this world. The fact that it also symbolizes the bloom of spring time also speaks volumes. A fitting symbol of the earth, the greatest force and the very essence of this wonder that we call life.

This beautiful green rose meaning in love makes it one of the most popular bouquet choices on Valentine’s Day. While couples use it to symbolize love that will last a lifetime. You can also use it to wish someone for good health and prosperous life ahead. So which one of these Green Rose Meaning is more fitting for you?