What Flower Means Happiness? These are 6 Happiness Flowers!

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Undoubtedly, flowers are a part of day-to-day life and most often related to important instances in our lives. People know that a red rose stands for love and that someone does not send yellow roses to anyone in sadness.

Flowers have curious meanings and also there are some flowers that mean happiness. The authentic motion is enough to make you happy. However, many flowers also convey their own symbolism, which can frequently be used to strengthen the meaning you wish to express. What flower means happiness? Below, we present flowers and their symbolism to give you an idea of expressing yourself happier and more expressively with flowers.


Stock is a European flower with racemes of sweet scent, extensively cultivated as a decorative. Simply because of their long-lasting blooms and good clove-like scent, stock flower is definitely a flower that means happiness, good life, and a comfortable existence.Stock flowers

There are a lot of species of stock flowers, and the most popular is Matthiola incana. The flower is good for sprinkling into stonework, corners, holes, rock walls, for the front of the border, or to provide shelter for the bulb greenery once the bulb blooms are gone.

AnthuriumAnthurium flower

What flower means happiness? Apart from making a good addition to your house, the anthurium flower can also inspire happiness. If you have this flower on your patio or inside your house, it is assumed that it will bring you a lot of happiness and blissful moments.

The flower produces heart-shaped blooms that range in color from white, green, pink and red.  As a cut flower, the blooms are definitely long-lasting and hold their exquisiteness and form in bouquets. Although the plants are nice-looking and user-friendly, the cut flowers have a vase life of up to 9 weeks, making them a long-lasting option. These flowers could be the best gift for Valentine’s day and anniversaries in your relationship.

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Sweet PeaSweet Pea Flower

What flower means happiness in marriage? Yes, it is a sweet pea! Undoubtedly, so many brides-to-be love sweet peas. They’re ruffly, dreamy, sweet-smelling, and come in a variety of colors, ranging from white to purple and coral pink, and just about every shade in between.

Sweet peas are brilliantly, lightly scented flowers. They make the best option for any wedding and their top-secret meaning is pleasurable or delicate desire. The sweet pea that is common in the present day is actually a hybrid flower and looks like the original sweat pea first noted in Europe in the 17th century. There’s something so classic and dreamy about a bouquet made wholly of sweet peas. Commercially, they are cultivated under glass and available during the early summer.


Undoubtedly, the daffodil is a flower that means happiness and love. You will find that the main usages for the flowers are in bouquets. The flower is generally used in hairspring bouquets when it is really blossoming and it is one of the first flowers to bloom, which makes it easy to find when you are looking for perfect fresh flowers. Daffodils in sunnier shades of yellow show admiration, regard or happy togetherness. It can also mean good fortune, love and productiveness. There is an old fantasy in England that forecasts prosperity will be yours if you can see the first daffodil of springtime you will obstinately gain wealth and independence. You’ll see this flower in pots all over the world and in lawns standing out and looking gorgeous.


What kind of flower meanings happiness? Undoubtedly, delphinium is the best flower to echoes happiness. This flower is one of the symbols of loveliness, perseverance, inner harmony and this flower and its aromatic notes bring people a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. In other words, it’s an optimistic and comfy flower. It produces during the summertime and because of this we also call it a summer flower. This flower needs sunlight and solid light and consequently only fails during the summer season.


Generally, hyacinths are said represent happiness, though meanings are color-dependent. You will see that the flower is famous in a lot of different cultures and is going to look great for the different usages that they use it for. Flowers are perennial flowers and often planted directly in the outdoors, although these easy flowers are also outstanding for forcing in gardens or being made to flower indoors during the wintertime.

What flower means happiness? And finally, you can find in this post. Flowers have always been a pal of people and in some ways have always ornamented our spaces and perfected our environment. Their tenderness, friendliness, purity and honesty have always been a source of encouragement. The flower that we grow can tell us a lot about happiness.