What Flower Means Forgiveness? Here are 5 Apology Flowers!

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In the philological of flowers, some flowers express an implicit apology from the announcer to the receiver. Whatever how carefully and wisely we want to ‘move on’ with our lives and its turns, we all make faults. Giving forgiveness isn’t the only challenge, but also admitting we are honestly wrong or perhaps, trying to heal a gap with one representational action.

If you find yourself “be sorry” some incident or position, give forgiveness flowers to tell them you’re regretful and let them know you care. What flower means forgiveness? You can find below!

TulipsTulips flower means forgiveness

What kind of flower meanings forgiveness? Undoubtedly, tulip is the best answer! The unique shape and shades of tulip make it one of the most beautiful flowers on earth.

When you’re making mistake and try to say “I’m sorry,” give tulips! These cream flowers are symbolic of forgiveness. These apology flowers are chic too and never go overboard exclusively when you are sending it to the workplace of the concerned person.

Giving someone tulips tells them that you hope for them to forgive you and you want a new chapter. Make a bouquet of tulips, which express a sense of deep loving in the language of flowers. Just to ask for the earnest and full of forgiveness of a special one.

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If you live in a temperate environment, daffodils are one of the first flowers to burst into bloom every springtime, making them a symbol of reawakening.


To tell someone “I’m sorry”, just give them daffodils. In doing so, you are telling them that you wish to start a new period that is full of gladness and to put away the past. A superb bouquet of daffodils begs your special someone to forgive you, much more blissfully than words could ever do. The most general color of the daffodil is yellow.

However, you can also find flower selections accented with orange, white, pink or green. Simply because the daffodil is one of the first flowers of springtime, it is also symbolic of optimism.

Purple Hyacinth

Hyacinths are extremely sweet-smelling, bell-shaped flowers with awesome petals. The purple hyacinth is a flower that means forgiveness. To tell someone that you are sad over an incident and wish for them to pardon you, give them a bouquet of purple hyacinths to denote these feelings. This flower is mostly ideal for those seeking clemency for having told a lie; it shows the giver’s honest meaning to speak the truth in the future. In the realm of magic and fairy-tale, the purple hyacinth is also a symbol of bliss, and can similarly mean defense from harm.


Folks are used to growing it on their flower garden to make them look beautiful and abundant. You also can use some varieties as ivy for packing in and bouquets, but they certainly aren’t going to be the centerpiece of any arrangement that you are creating. Working as reliable greenery and lending to the ripeness of bouquet, Ivy enhances a splash of fidelity and support, the one thing that you need to express the most when you have a mistake.  The ivy is also phallic, showing the Trinity. However, it can also be a symbol representing strength in need of protection.

Yellow Rose

What color flower means forgiveness? With time, the more common symbolism related with the color yellow has overcome. Today yellow roses are more frequently linked with forgiveness and companionship. These lively flowers send a strong message of apology and are representative of compromise. Therefore, if you want to patch up with your one-time and fix wrecked relationships, send him a stem of the yellow rose and welcome back into your life with open hands.

A bunch of yellow roses also represent happiness, and frequently used to cheer up an achievement or celebrate new early stages like Dozen Pink Roses Meaning You Should Know.

What flower means forgiveness? You can find in this post! As what soloist Elton John expressively sang in his song, sorry, indeed, seems to be the hardest word. If you have to ask for forgiveness, flowers are the best way to do it. They do not only ask for tolerances for a definite wrong you’ve done, instead, they express remorse and a promise of love. From different flowers, there is confidently a flower that you can choose to make sure you hit the mess.