What Flower Means Loyalty?

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In case you know everything about flowers, you possibly know that red roses represent love and orchids mean beauty. Moreover, you can also find some flowers that mean loyalty.

For centuries, folks have been confessing their loyalty with flowers. No surprise, they are recurrently used as gifts in different celebrations and special cases to express heartfelt memory, loyalty, and togetherness. What flower means loyalty? If you want to buy some flowers as a loyalty sign, just find out below!


Violet roses
Violet roses

Obviously, there are many different usages for violet. Most people love this flower; both the way it smells and how it looks. Violet is a flower meaning love and loyalty.

Flowers are tiny and almost seem modest in smooth hues of blue and purple that match with their true symbolism of loyalty. Getting a violet flower may also mean that you speak like a kid, honest but without any nastiness.

This is a flower that not only really looks great and boundless, but this makes good choices for gardening and filling in small areas, and is still easy to grow.

Yarrow FlowersYarrow Flowers

Yarrow is one of the world’s oldest curative flowers and has been used since prehistoric eras. Like a best friend, the amount of protection, loyalty, and love that Yarrow has for us is huge and persistent.

It can be found in parks, fields and also by the roadside. Though these flowers can look beautiful on their own, they are often put in big bouquet and sometimes as a filler plant. Sprinkling a lovely scent, Yarrow is a sweet-smelling and strong perennial plant that can be found in many places in need of health-giving and sense of balance.

Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle Flowers
Honeysuckle Flowers

If you ask a question about what flower means loyalty, then perhaps the best answer is the honeysuckle flower. Honeysuckle is a climbing plant with fragrant yellow or white flowers.

Petals are fit for human consumption, and true to the name, have a bit sweet flavor. Sometimes, giving honeysuckle flower to a spouse denotes generous love. In China, fantasizing of honeysuckle means hope. During the Victorian era, suitors gave flowers as a promise of loyalty.

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AsterAster Flowers

Aster is a striking wild plant that has been prevalently used in many country park and decorations for centuries. Aster is a flower that means loyalty, understanding, belief, and valor. Also, these flowers also symbolize a combination of good luck and gained knowledge. With so many beautiful colors and varieties to choose from, it’s easy to understand why the flower is such a popular for bouquets and parks. A lot of exciting stories are emotionally involved with these flowers. In earlier eras it was thought that the scent from the burning leaves of these flowers could keep away evil traitors, so making them a spiritual flower with supernatural powers.

Geranium FlowersGeranium Flowers

If there is a flower symbol for loyalty, then geranium is one of the best representations. The geranium could mean a true relationship or irrationality. The flower will bloom in the summertime and the seeds will be ready to sprinkle in the fall season or in the next springtime. They are not only decorative but suitable in culinary and medicinal terms too. One of the best things about this flower is that it is quite easy to grow and it can mostly grow anywhere.

What flower means loyalty? Finally, you can find in this post! When you want to show your loyalty to your beloved one, you can never go wrong with the flowers mentioned above. You could even mix up some of these flowers to make an even more extraordinary bouquet.