Flower That Represents Family

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Family. One word. Six letters. Thousands of meanings. When you hear the word “family”, what color comes into your mind first? How about a flower? Yes, there is a lot of colors and flowers that may symbolize family but let’s dig deeper. Look around you and reflect on some things that you may see.

Family is the basic unit of society.

I am sure that you heard this statement over and over from your high school and college professors. It is indeed true.

Family can be a sensitive topic that someone may not want to discuss anymore. It can also be our strength and weakness at the same time. Some may say that “family is love, “family is happiness” or even “family is life”. Let us make this easier.

Family in sunset

The color white may symbolize family to others. We all know that white has a lot of meanings but the most common of them all is “purity”.

Purity in the family can be seen and felt because of the unconditional love we experience whenever we are with them. News flash: I am not only talking about your blood-related family.

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Friends can be your family because of the unconditional love that you can shower them with every day.

Time may fly, burdens can bombard you in your everyday living and life can be hard sometimes but as we always say, “you will always go back to your family”. At the end of the day, your family will be the one who will lift you up when no one is there for you.

They will stop you from crying at 3 am on your bathroom floor when someone broke your heart. They will support you even when your boss rejected your proposal. They will definitely understand when you make reckless and nonsense decisions.

Purity can be seen in all of these situations because no matter how negative these situations are, there will always hope and unconditional love that your family may give you.

Roses that represent family

Have you ever seen roses in a variety of colors?

Roses symbolize family because it is very diverse. You can feel different emotions within your family. Some say that a rose may only represent “love”, at the same time, roses come in different colors that have different meanings like what do flower doodles mean.

May it be love, purity, friendship, sadness, healing, forgiveness, longing, passion, and the list goes on. In our family, we can also feel diversity in emotions. We can feel pain in every expectation that may hurt us. Sadness and longing when someone in the family left us.

Unconditional love flower fo family

The unconditional love to the extent that we can sacrifice something for them. Forgiveness whenever they make something unusual to us. We can feel different vibes within our family. A roller coaster ride, indeed! Rose can be a symbolism of anything depending on its color. That is why it is a perfect representation of “Family”.

Let’s face it. Some of us may or may not be family-oriented but talking about our families will always be a sensitive topic. It may cause tears and smiles on our faces. I hope that when you see the color white and any roses anywhere, you can remember the warmth and the unconditional love that your family gives you.