How to Let Someone know “I Miss You” in Flower Language

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You are experiencing that empty feeling when someone you care for is not with you. You think about sending a card or letter, but ultimately decide it is not enough. How do you convey your heartfelt message of “Flowers that mean I miss you”?

Nature has many ways to inspire and influence us.  The delicacy of a flower speaks volumes where there are simply no words.

Customarily there are various options to choose from because of their color, design, and/or fragrance.

While there are numerous types of bouquet flowers, let us look at a few of the most popular to see which would be the most suitable and appropriate for conveying your emotions.

Flowers that mean i miss you

Single Rose

This single most admired flower is unquestionably associated with love and romance. It has been used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words.

White roses symbolize spiritual sincerity and truth, sending a strong message of “I miss you!”. Coral color roses send the message of ‘desire’, while red means ‘love’. The satin-smooth petals are alluring and captivating encompassing secrecy or confidentiality.

Aphrodite and Venus were associated with these blooms by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The love of God in peoples’ lives is symbolized by roses. They typically show up in reports of encounters with angels and miracles. The soft fragrance is mildly sweet and mysteriously attractive and seductive.

Ever wonder why roses are sent by the dozen? The number of twelve roses are associated with an entire year. There are twelve hours in a day and twelve signs of the zodiac. It is synonymous with perfection and completeness. It is a symbolic way to say, “You complete me!”. Sending nine roses says “I want to be with you”.

White Orchid

Out of all the orchids, the white orchid has a captivating wistful charm. White is a color associated with hope, purity, innocence, and reverence.

This flower’s perfection gives the impression of inaccessibility, truly sending the message of “I want you or I miss you”. Orchids have a sexual connotation. The meaning of ‘orchid’ in Greek means ‘testicles’ because of the shape of the tubers in some varieties. This symbolism represents desire and seduction.White Orchid rose meaning

These graceful flowers are usually sold as a plant. When the container is put in an attractive pot it will hold a special place in any room.

Orchids are also very easy to care for. It is said that with excellent maintenance it will be an elegant treasured gift for a lifetime.

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies are brightly colored hybrid lilies and named because of their upward-facing blooms. What better way to say, “I miss you to the moon and back!”.

The unique pink, red and white petals make this an attractive flower full of romantic significance. It is shaped like a vessel which is symbolism for authentic feelings and emotions.

Stargazer Lily flower

Variations of the white stargazer have been developed enveloping a sense of loneliness and melancholy. ‘Lily’ is derived from the Greek word ‘leiron’, associating it with the Queen of their gods.

White lilies were later called Madonna lilies. Sending this flower, a symbol of hope and love, will fill the void in wanting to express “I miss you”.

This exquisite lily has a bold heady fragrance that is known to envelop an entire room. It is wise to ask the recipient to tip the flower downwards, trim off the antlers, and shake the pollen from the flower. This will preserve the bloom for a longer period, see also Single White Rose Meaning.


White carnations are a simply sweet way to symbolize that someone is missed or signifies remembrance.

Pink carnations flower

The name ‘carnation’ comes from ‘coronation’ and is believed to be one of the flowers used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Pink carnations signify that someone is unforgettable, and the red color characterizes admiration and love.

Mixing all these colors in a bouquet is a delightful way to convey your sentiments. A mild spicy clove scent is the signature aroma of this soft round flower. These charming delights are very affordable and as a cut flower lasts a very long time.

Selecting the kind of flowers you want to send to that very special person is highly important. They are messengers who hold a confidential and earnest message from your heart.

Truly, this is a touching way to reach out. When you sincerely want to say the phrase, “I miss you!”, let the unique beauty of the flowers speak those words.