Dozen Pink Roses Meaning You Should Know

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If you’re wondering what the Dozen Pink Roses Meaning is, chances are you’re aware of the thoughtful gesture behind it. These delicate blossoms are not only pleasant to the eye, but also deep in meaning. Combined with what the stalks represent, you may very well be able to decode the hidden emotion behind it.

What is a dozen pink roses meaning?

To understand the meaning behind your bouquet of pink roses, you have to start from the color of choice. Yes, it’s no longer a secret that roses come with an impressively distinctive symbolism and meaning. With so many varieties, roses have no shortage of options when it comes to colors. From the classic red roses, to the rare black roses. The color signifies something that is greater than you may think.

Dozen Pink Roses
Dozen Pink Roses

When it comes to roses, we know they are always more than meet the eye. The beauty may be the first thing that caught our attention, but its the meaning behind it that mesmerized us. Pink roses, for instance. The first thing that comes to our minds upon seeing them is without a doubt its stunning hue. There are so many different shades and variations that cater to our personal preference!

Ranging from pale pastel blush, to bold and vibrant pink hue. The number of variations may make understanding the meaning a little bit more challenging. But it’s definitely not an impossible task. Pink roses with incredibly pale hue typically means grace and gentleness while medium pink means admiration and sympathy. Whereas roses with darker tones mean gratitude.

Admiration for beauty

Dozen Pink Roses Meaning
Dozen Pink Roses Meaning

Perhaps by now you are already impatient and wondering what do a dozen pink roses mean? Once you have figured out the meaning of its shade of pink, it’s time to pay attention to the stalks. Yes, many of us perhaps are not aware of it. But a dozen stems have become a customary rule for those wanting to show love and appreciation.

Society believe that number twelve is the ultimate representation of a full, complete cycle. There are twelves hours on our clock, twelve months in the Gregorian calendar, and many more. This full circle is what inspires the significance of number twelve in our bouquet of pink roses. When it comes to Floriology, twelve stems of rose regardless of its shades or varieties have a beautiful meaning.

Did you just receive a dozen of roses? If so, you will be flattered when you find out the meaning behind it. Yes, one dozen pink roses meaning basically means: ‘be mine.’ This is definitely a massive progress from nine rose bouquet and ten rose bouquet. Nine roses is undeniably the symbol of infatuation. But as the days go by, it may progress to ten roses which means ‘a perfect love.’