Morning Glory Flowers Have a Deep Spiritual Meaning

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Morning glory flowers are as spectacular as a fireworks display. Disappointingly the bloom is over in one day. This dazzling bloom starts to uncurl before dawn and lasts until mid-day. Then it fades and closes like a little umbrella.

The morning glory vine then produces a fresh array of color with new flowers the next morning which also succumb in the same manner.

Morning glory flower meaning

There is a profound spiritual lesson and analogy that we learn from the products of this earth. The morning glory flower meaning depicts the essence of life and the shortness thereof. We are taught that our lives are to be lived by facing the light of the sun and to be in the brilliance of who we are. The morning glory symbolism is the brevity of life.

Morning glory twining vines are closely related to the sweet potato. They hold these bell-shaped flowers of either white, blue, pink, purple, red and multicolored, sometimes even double. forms. As an annual vine, it will only last a year compared with perennial vines which can last up to three years.

In some climate zones, it may re-seed. The vines amazingly grow ten feet or more two months after the seeds sprout.

meaning of morning glory flowers

The meaning of morning glory flowers is more spiritual when compared to other flowers. The brief time that the bloom is vibrant is a symbolism of life itself. Mortality or a sense of mourning is expressed by pictures of morning glory vines on Victorian headstones depicting a short life span.

The vine, even though it grows quickly, must be lovingly trained in the right direction. This is synonymous of how our lives should be cared for. Nature abundantly gives birth to more flowers from the vine to replace those that have expired. As they soak up the healing energies of the radiant sun, this symbolism depicts the renewable nature of love, rebirth, and resurrection.

Spiritually, this botanical beauty is associated with the third eye chakra represented with the same purple or bluish-purple and bluish-white of this chakra.

It is also affiliated with the subconscious mind. Biorhythms of sleep and wake time along with intuition correspond with the pineal gland. This gland is in the brain between the eyebrows.

It forms the relationship between perception and the effect of altered states of consciousness and light. It is characterized by the power of projection and understanding of one’s purpose. Interestingly there are a vine-related species named the moonflower which has large white, fragrant flowers that open in the evening and close before midday.

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The quality of its luminescence is correlated with moonlight. Flowers are a way to communicate without words through symbolism. Their color, vibration, shape, and fragrance are silently conveying messages of emotion. These phenomena and spiritual meaning, given to us from nature and the physical world collectively, benefit us greatly.

Morning glories impressively enhance arches trellises and fences. They also can be used vibrantly displaying their heart-shaped leaves and blooms in window boxes and hanging baskets.

Offering a morning glory flower or plant to someone will show your affection for who they are, not only physically but spiritually.