History, Meaning, and Type of Iris Flower

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According to mythology, the iris was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger to Zeus and Hera. Many believe Iris flower is her real name.

Iris flower meaning a message from heaven to earth and is a companion for the soul of a woman who is on her way to heaven.

Iris flower meaning

History of Iris Flowers

In the 19th century, the Iris flower played an important role in Italian history. This plant has become a symbol of the city and has been around for centuries.

The iris flower is known as the royal flower. Countries that use the Iris flower as a symbol are France and England.

Meaning of Iris Flower

Iris symbolism is still used in Greece as a symbol of the final resting place. Because Iris itself has the meaning of Hope.

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The Meaning of Iris Flower

Iris flower meaning also presented as wisdom, trust, courage, and hope. So many use the Iris flower symbol for the kingdom.

The iris has inspired the fleur-de-lis, a decorative symbol used by French royalty. Over the centuries the Iris symbol appeared on the coat of arms of coins and shields.

Iris Flower

Many believe that the 3 petals of the iris have the meaning of a social order that is divided into nobles, priests, and peasants.

Benefits of Iris Flowers

In Italy around the 19th century Iris roots became a major part of the perfume industry. When this root is left dry, it develops a fragrance that increases over time.

Because of its pleasant smell, iris root is used in the perfume and cosmetic industries. Some of them even use iris root to make wine.

But unfortunately, the use of Iris root often causes allergies. So you need to be careful.

Iris root is also used for treatment, namely as an antiseptic, for healthy skin and teeth.

Types of Irises

Aquilegia flower

Iris flowers also have various types but are generally divided into two groups namely Bulb Irises and Rhizome Irises:

  1. Bulb Irises

Iris flowers are round and usually die after blooming. This flower is also smaller than Rhizome Irises. There are two popular types of Bulb Irises namely Dutch Irises and Reticulata Irises.

  • Dutch Iris Flowers

The Dutch Iris is the most common type of Bulb Iris. In botanica known as iris hollandica. This plant belongs to a group of hybrids.

Many people like this type of iris because it is very beautiful.

  • Iris Reticulata

Language of flowers iris Reticula iris is a flower that blooms in early spring with the fall of snow. These flowers are smaller and grow before the tulips in spring.

  1. Rhizome Iris

Rhizome iris is a plant that grows underground and produces new shoots. This plant has overlapping leaves.

Rhizome iris is also divided into 3, namely Beardless Iris, Bearded Iris, and Crested Iris. This is the type of iris flower that has a red rose meaning, pink, yellow, blue, white, and black colors.

Iris flower meaning which is very beautiful makes this flower suitable to be given to anyone like a black rose meaning. You can also plant irises as ornamental plants in your yard