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Dozen rose meaning becomes something nosy because one dozen is a common number of roses. Talking about meaning of roses, it is not merely about colour. A bouquet of roses commonly consists of dozen stems which traditionally mean love and appreciation in many aspects of religion and philosophy.

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A dozen rose meaning

The flower giving habits had been popular during the Victorian Era and it seems to be the beginning for people to create meaning for flowers. This started an idea that each flower has its own meaning, not to mention roses. As different meaning of flower started to rise, the numbers of roses also appeared during this period. A dozen of red rose is often significantly used to declare love. A dozen of rose meaning is also associated with perfection as well as completeness. This association not only refers to the flowers but also the number twelve. Twelve is a number which usually used to symbolize a complete cycle. Let’s take an example of a year containing twelve months, a clock with its twelve hours, and zodiac comprising twelve signs. Besides, numerous cultures in the world have created calendars using the cycles of twelve and it has been used from the past until now. This number is not only used in many myths but in religious tradition as well, see Purple Rose Meaning through History. The sacred and mystical thing about this number becomes quite common too, including when it comes to one dozen of roses.

Dozen Rose Meaning
Dozen Rose Meaning

Rose bouquets are available in various kinds of colours. Hence, they are often used to deliver different kinds of meanings for wide array of events or occasions. But, there is a popular thread to tell that it is an ordinary thing to see that rose bouquets comprising one dozen of roses. Besides using to symbolize perfect beauty, it also represents complete love and thankfulness. Dozen color roses meaning might be different from one colour to another but it definitely represents true love. No matter when someone gives it in birthday, Valentine’s Day or other events, when the number of roses is one dozen, then it gives the sign that that person wants to convey this message. A bouquet containing twelve stems of roses publicly known as traditional way to convey love message. It even becomes traditional arrangement of roses that will be given to someone special in Valentine’s Day. A lot of people also use this arrangement to represent love for twelve months within a year. Since this number of flowers is closely linked to love representation, it is no surprising if the habits of sending a bouquet containing one dozen roses keep practicing as famous way to communicate people deepest feeling. Even today, people still use this traditional way which is pretty effective to convey love message.

You might someone who likes to use flowers either as gift or to represent what you feel. As a dozen of roses are popular arrangement, you might be interested to choose it too. If you plan to use it, make sure you previously know about dozen rose meaning.