Beautiful Things that Pink Rose Represents

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Pink rose represents so many things. Undoubtedly, the common colors for rose are red or white. Red rose is a good gift for your girlfriend to tell her that you love her so much. But if you want to try any other ideas, pink rose is definitely one of the best. So, what does a pink rose represent? Read the explanation below.

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Pink Rose Biblical Meaning

Pink and Red Roses Bouquet
Pink and Red Roses Bouquet

Biblically, rose is a symbol that the God is in his work every time it is appeared. As you know, roses are so beautiful and unique with beautiful scent. It just makes people think how great the God is to create such a magnificent creature. More than that, the flower along with its scent is also commonly associated to the angels. Not only in Christian had tradition, many other religions and beliefs use risen scent for spiritual meditation. It is believed that the scent of rose is likely the stairway to communicate with the God. Slightly, it represents that the scent is the angels.

There is also a term of mystical rose in the world of Christianity. Some people believe that the mystical rose is related to Virgin Mary. Until now, rose is a symbol of women or femininity that is being broader from the story that Mary was virgin even if she had a child. Some others think that mystical rose is actually about another Mary; she is Mary Magdalene. For many reasons, Mary Magdalene was very mysterious since she was claimed to be a sinner and a saint at once.

Pink Roses in Bouquet

What does a pink rose meaning
What does a pink rose meaning

Today’s people seem not really care about the religious side of roses. All they know is that rose is a very beautiful and romantic flower. If you want to impress your girl, a bouquet of rose is just unforgettable. Anyway, what is pink rose bouquet meaning. If Bible may relate pink rose to some female characters, in this modern day, pink rose is all about love and innocence. Different from red rose that is more passionate, the pink one is purer. It is a great representation of first love or love at the first sight. You can give your girlfriend a bouquet of pink rose in her birthday or other special moments like Valentine’s Day. Besides, they can also be used as the decoration. A good arrangement of pink flower can make the atmosphere more stunning.

Sure, it is great to combine the pink rose with other colors like red or white. Aside from the bouquet, the flowers look so elegant to be placed on the jars as wedding decoration. Make sure to bring along the remaining green leaves to make the arrangement look livelier. Then, it is more romantic if the roses are brought along with the dim light from candles.

Rose is indeed available in any of our favorite colors. This makes this flower more special. Whatever the colors, it is no matter. Then, if you know the implied rose meaning inside each type of roses, it can make the roses as gift more meaningful. So, this is what pink rose represents.