The Loving Symbols of Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to express love and affection to loved ones and good friends. Many symbols have evolved to add meaning and expression to the day. Here are five of the loving symbols of Valentine’s Day to share with the person of people you care most about.

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Loving Symbols of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated for its expression of love and affection. Lovers, family members, school children, and friends of all descriptions take advantage of this day to show their feelings to those they care about with cards, candies, and other small and large tokens of affection.

The legends behind the origins of Valentine’s Day vary and date back centuries.

One thing is certain, the holiday for lovers is filled with symbols of love that nearly everyone recognizes. But, not everyone can say for sure how those symbols came to be a part of the Valentine’s Day event of just what those symbols have come to mean. Some of the favorite symbols are universal.

Flowers are a favorite Valentine’s Day token of affection. While every flower is greeted with appreciation by the recipient, the rose is considered to be the signature floral gift for declaring undying love. In terms of symbolism, the red rose indicates love and passion while other colors represent other levels of emotion.

Loving Symbols of Valentine Day with flower

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without the symbolic heart. Even more symbolic is the heart that is pierced by Cupid’s arrow. The piercing indicates the vulnerability of the lover who, when handing over his heart to the beloved, runs the risk of rejection.

Of course, that piercing arrow comes from none other than the winged cherub, Cupid himself. The naughty little angel, with his quiver of arrows, files about, striking unsuspecting individuals on Valentine’s Day, causing them to fall in love with the next person they see.

The symbolism of a pair of cooing lovebirds is clear. Legend has it that the mating season for the lovebirds coincides with the Valentine’s Day holiday. Doves have a reputation for mating for life, making them the perfect mascots for the celebration of love.


The giving of candy, in particular chocolates, is perhaps the single most desired and appreciated love offering on Valentine’s Day. Boxed and bowed in velvet-lined boxes with satin ribbons, bonbons, and truffles delight the young and old alike.

Valentine’s Day is a fun and delightful way to celebrate the love and affection people share with one another. whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, Cupid and a pair of lovebirds on a greeting card trimmed with lace, or a tempting, mouth-watering box of chocolates, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to let someone know you care.