How to Tell if Someone is Interested in You

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Are you trying to figure out it’s your crush might be crushing on you too?

This article will fill you in on some common behaviors that people display when they are trying to express romantic interest. Just watch out for how they act around you and their feeling can become obvious.

Someone is Interested in You

There is no denying that everyone shows a romantic interest in unique ways. Some people can be very forward, while others may get quiet and shy. Still, it is possible to generalize certain behaviors that, if read correctly, could means that someone is interested in you but hasn’t been able to come out and say it yet. Here are four signs that you may be the object of someone else’s affections:

1) They always just “happen” to run into you

Take note if someone is always running into you or just happens to be hanging out in a place where you also need to be. You might simply have similar schedules, especially if you work or go to school together, but there can only be so much serendipity to your meetings. This is especially true if you run into them much more often than other friends and colleagues.

You should also take note of their behavior when the two of you meet. Do they seem to linger and not want to leave? Do they use the opportunity to ask you to hang out? In that case, your chance encounter may not have been a chance, and they could very well be looking to spend time with you.

2) They think your jokes are really funny

It may be a bit cliche that people laugh too loudly and enthusiastically at the jokes of those they have a crush on, but there is definitely a ring of truth to it.

Not only do you often see the person you like through rose-colored glasses, making everything they say seem that much funnier, but you want them to feel good about themselves as well, and acknowledging their humor is a good way of doing that.

Furthermore, if someone sees how funny your joke was when others may have missed it, then it is probably because they have been hanging on to your every word.

3) They always have a reason to talk to you

Does this person always seem to have something to say to you? Will they find any excuse to come to see you, text you, or send you a message online? This sort of behavior could definitely mean that they like you, especially if you only recently met or if they have only recently started acting this way.

Another good indicator that they may be interested in is if they remember things that you have said in previous conversations and often find a way to bring them up.

4) Their body language says it all

If the person you think likes you are shy and reserved, then you may have a tough time assessing their interest through speech. However, body language can often betray a person’s emotions, even if they don’t mean for it to. If they tend to stand or sit close to you, Orient themselves towards you, and touch you on the arm while they talk to you, then there is a very good chance that they are interested in you.
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