What is Dozen White Roses Meaning?

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What is dozen white roses meaning? Rose seems one of the most popular flowers to express the feeling of love and grateful. Even each piece of roses has its own meaning anyway. So, howis if you give a dozen of this kind of flowers to your loved ones? What does it mean? Here is the explanation.

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What does white rose meaning?

12 White Roses
12 White Roses

In fact, each color of roses has its own meaning including the white one. In general, white represents purity, holiness and sincerity. When you define the world as black and white, it means the black means the evils and white is the heroes or angels. It is always like that. Meanwhile, rose is all about the love and femininity. Literally, when you combine both of them, white roses are the pure or sincere love. Yes, when you think your love is true and pure, it is so good to give your girlfriend the white roses whether it is only single or a bunch. More than just it is so romantic, it can just represent that all your feeling to her is so sincere from the deepest of your heart. In some cultures, white rose also means harmony and smoothness. Yes, it can mean that you want to have a serious relationship with her.

A Dozen White Roses Meaning

Dozen White Roses Meaning
Dozen White Roses Meaning

However, it is important also for you to count the number of roses to be placed on the bouquet. It has been mentioned above that there is still another meaning behind although they are the same in general. A dozen is 12. 12 roses placed together in the one bouquet means seriousness. If a boy give twelve roses to his girl, it is an intended meaning that he wants to have a kind of serious relationship with here. Beautifully, it is also a sign of him to let the girl get married. It is so great then to bring the flowers together with a box with engagement ring inside. This meaning can be for any kind of roses anyway. so, when a dozen of roses is in white, it is a representation of more than just a commitment. It is commitment because the love is pure and sincere. Well, it is definitely so sweet.

But you may think that white roses are too monotonous. To make the bouquet livelier, you can put some other roses like in red. A dozen white roses with one red rose meaning is that among the purity and sincerity of your heart, there must be passion and desire also. It is not only about sex for sure. Passion can be defined as expectation to get a good life mentally and financially with the girl. Meanwhile, a dozen red roses one white rose meaning is quite similar. In this design of bouquet, the passion is more prioritized than the sincerity.

Of course, it depends on your taste and wants, how the white roses will be arranged. Not only a dozen, you can have more. In fact, even 2 dozen white roses meaning is just similar. So, this is the explanation of dozen white roses meaning.