Flower Expert – What does a Blue Rose Symbolize?

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What does a blue rose symbolize? Well, blue rose is coming from the genus Rosa and it presents the pigmentation from blue to violet, while the common colors are yellow, white, and red. In general saying, it is portrayed as the immortality, prosperity, and love in both literature and art.

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Blue rose meaningg

Genetic limitations make the blue rose cannot exist in natural way. Well, it could happen but not the exact blue. It lacks the specific pigmentation or gene that makes the blue rose appears purple or blue rose with different shades. This is why the researchers tried to modify the genetic in order to create a rose with blue pigment. But florists would also dye the rose with natural blue dye and call it blue rose.

The Blue Roses Meaning

Again, with the help of science and genetic engineering, the greenhouses and gardeners will be able to reproduce some traits to create blue color in roses.

What does the blue rose signify?

Blue rose symbolizes as a fragmentation of free mind spirit, imaginative, and wishful. In some cultures, blue roses are analogized as the Holy Grail.

Since the existence is basically not available, the presence of the meaning of blue rose symbolize is about the something unattainable. It is also sawn as something that is only in a dream or a wish that will never be fulfilled.

Some people also take blue rose as the display of love at first sight feeling. But on the other hand, this is also considered as an unrequited yet impossible love. In some cultures, it shows the royal blood like the splendor and regal majesty.

Blue rose color meaning is also about reaching the impossible things, fighting to get all odds, and also starting new life. When someone chose a way that has an untold beginning then the heart will be crowded with lots of feelings that word cannot describe. That kind of excitement can be represented by the blue rose.

Other than that, you can give blue rose meaning in art to someone that has complex personality or if you cannot describe anything you feel right now. Since the blue color on rose is a fabricated thing then it also represents the manipulative power. Well, it can be considered as a positive thing basically.

The definition of blue rose symbolize is suitable for gifts in certain occasions like a venture, journeys, and also birthdays, since it shows the new start in life for a person. But it can be appropriate if you want to start relationship with someone. It can tell the person about “the door should have never been opened” by giving them a blue rose. But if the person is unaware of the meaning then you can give blue rose to the person you like.

Despite all the negative meanings, you blue rose also represent the mystery message from the sender. And even though the flower cannot be found in nature, it shows the charm and unique trait according to “what does a blue rose symbolize”.