7 Roses Meaning from Various Colors

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7 roses meaning, it is probably something you really curious about. Although the reasons are not exactly known, the rose is indeed a kind of special flowers. Not only is it beautiful, but it also has some intended meaning inside.

The meaning can be even different due to the number. When the roses are 7, what does it mean?

If you were ever wondering what is 7 roses meaning, you should know that if someone gives you seven roses it means that he is really in love with you. Yes, red roses are often a symbol of love and passion, no matter how many roses there are, but the number seven intensifies that message of love. It means that the person who is gifting you the roses is not ashamed of his feelings and that he wants to show you openly how deep his affection is.

He is madly in love, he is infatuated with you. It is a good idea to give someone seven roses for some special occasion, for example, that person’s birthday, because that is a way to show them how special and important they are to you. Seven roses are also a good gift for an anniversary or for when you simply want someone to know how much you love them.

The Roses Meaning Based on Number

7 Roses Meaning
7 Roses Meaning

It is common to associate the meaning of rose with the colors. However, it seems that the number is important also. A single rose, as an example, means love at the first sight. So, if your heart is simply crushed only in seconds after seeing someone, it is so good to give her a single rose to express your feeling. Then, two or three roses are all about the affection. Besides, it is also a simple expression for “I love you”. Sadly, 4 roses are when two people love each other but they cannot be together. It sounds so drama nowadays. However, if you see it from the past perspective, such cases are often happened. It was commonly caused by the different social status so that the parents did not allow them to be together, see also Two Rose Meaning.

More than four roses, there is a meaning of wanting to own each others. Particularly for the seven roses, it is all about infatuation and deeply falling in love. Yes, in your lifetime, there must be a moment when you really fall in love with someone and want to be together with them anytime and anywhere. This precious moment will complete and be more romantic if you celebrate it using seven flowers. Just give her and it means everything. It is also suggested to give someone 7 roses in his or her special moment, 7 roses meaning in birthday is a good example anyway; it is expression that the birthday girl is the queen of your heart.

7 Colored Roses Meaning

7 Roses meaning from various colors
7 Roses meaning from various colors

Since each color has its own meaning, it is necessary to discuss them one by one. What is the meaning of 7 white roses anyway? White represents purity. Such roses are then a good symbol of pure love. When you really love someone and want her to be with you, this idea is really beautiful and memorable. Besides, what does 7 red roses mean? Red and white is contrasting each others but they can be combined into something beautiful. Red roses are all about the passion and desire. 7 red roses are still about love but also passion how you really want to be with her. It is a good idea then to combine red and white at once under 7 numbers. It means the passion and purity can come together. For other colors like blue and lavender, they mean affection and commitment for being together.

No matter the number, roses are still beautiful. it is a perfect symbol of love and beauty. More than that, make sure to arrange them in a good way so that the feeling of yours can be expressed well. So, are you interested to try the idea of 7 roses meaning?